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          About Us

          Maret School is an independent, coed, college-preparatory day school in Washington, DC, with 650 students in grades K-12 all on one campus. Founded in 1911 as a school for international students, Maret has a long tradition of exploring and embracing the cultures and concerns of other nations.


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          Welcome to Maret School!

          Our historic campus in the heart of Washington, DC, offers a unique setting, where students from kindergarten through high school and teachers alike demonstrate a sense of energy, imagination, and entrepreneurial spirit. At Maret, everyone seeks a broader perspective – an expanded understanding of each other, our community, and the larger world.

          We hope that this website gives you a sense of the vibrancy of our program. We invite you to visit us at 3000 Cathedral Avenue, NW so that you can feel the warmth and vitality of this exceptional school community for yourself.

          Public Art: Connects Us to the World

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          Why Maret?

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          More About Maret

          Maret News

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