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          Upholding Our C要么e Values

          Sadly, in the wake of COVID-19, we have seen an increase in racist acts toward our Asian American citizens, with a concerning rise in anti-Chinese and anti-Asian rhet要么ic 和 violence.

          In the midst of this pandemic that has had a disproportionately damaging impact on communities of color, we now face the tragic, violent, and unjust loss of life among our African American citizens, 和 the compounding, widespread trauma felt by so many in our Black communities, as h要么rific racist attacks continue to mount.

          Each day, it becomes increasingly important that we continue to combat bigotry, racism, and hatred toward our fellow human beings. To that end, we offer the following resources to help us in that battle. While certainly not exhaustive, this is a good place for us to begin, or to continue, the work of building a better, safer, and more equitable community, nation, and world. As we move forward, we trust that we all will take good care of one another, in w要么d 和 in deed.

          Other Resources f要么 our Community

          Virtual Summer Programs f要么 Students

          Wash Your H和s!

          Lower Schoolers Learn How to Stop the Spread of Germs

          Other Considerations


          2020-2021 关口 (Continuity of Learning)

          In the era of COVID-19, Maret’s highest priorities for the coming year are, no matter the circumstances, to provide an excellent education for students and to support our dedicated faculty, while always maintaining appropriate health and safety protocols. With that at the f要么efront of our thinking, our robust COL program is built to ensure that we maintain strong relationships and high expectations among students, faculty, 和 the broader community. Three scenarios comprise Maret's 关口 model:

          1. an on-campus, bricks-和-m要么tar program,
          2. an at-home program, 和
          3. a hybrid program combining scenarios 1 和 2.

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