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          Last October, after reading frequent press reports about people who exploited positions of power by abusing those around them, Maret’s leadership invited its parents, students, alumni 和 other community members to report any concerns about misconduct or abuse at Maret, past or present, to the school or DC authorities. In February, Maret hired the law firm of Crowell & Moring LLP to conduct an independent outside investigation of all allegations of sexual misconduct or inappropriate conduct by any former or current Maret faculty. Today, maret学校 is releasing the report prepared by Crowell & Moring to its school community.



          这些指南的目的是描述maret学校的期望,对于教师和学生,学校的做法走向规则的行为,努力防止虐待和忽视,虐待和忽视的强制性报告程序的适当的行为,一般和遵守新法例影响学校哥伦比亚特区。这些准则协调随着Maret的 任务哲学,其中告知我们的行动和期望。

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