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          应用 to Upper School (9-12)

          At Maret, our respectful, validating learning environment is the launch pad that allows students to stretch intellectually, and grow. As students practice relationship building and decision-making, they draw upon knowledge, analytical reasoning, and social-emotional awareness, preparing for success bey上d our campus.

          Steven Tejada, Director of Upper School

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          我们的 high school classes are rigorous and challenging; advanced and accelerated courses are the equivalent of college-level classes.

          • 320名学生 在9 - 12年级
          • Freshmen are empowered as they learn to 自我主张
          • Sophomores manage their course selecti上 with the help of 学术顾问
          • Juniors and Seniors choose 从 a vast array of 选修课 (86!) that span every discipline
          • MSON 在线课程 challenge highly-motivated students
          • 学生们 can engage with faculty members through independent studies
          • 64 student-created/student-led 会所
          • 24 varsity and junior varsity after-school 体育
          • 无数的 性能 机会
          • 深入 社区服务 机会
          • 扩大 夏季旅游 opti上s enrich the academic experience
          • Two-week academic and social transiti上 program for newly enrolled ninth grade students.



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